News No Comments 18 October 2015

4+ NUTRITION Supplement Sponsor of the BENETTON RUGBY

Benetton Rugby chose 4+ NUTRITION as dietary supplements and official products for athletes.

4 + NUTRITION is a modern and successful idea in the nutrition's field, the success of 4+ NUTRITION was decreed, in recent years, from an exponential growth for its high quality and reliability.

"We believe in our products and in our formulas, which are always innovative and cutting edge, so synonymous of purity and effectiveness. We are looking worldwide raw materials of high quality through the major companies that meet rigorous quality standards of course.

4+ NUTRITION's production plants uses advanced production technology and a strict control of the product. These sites or factories work exclusively food supplements, products only for sports or dietetic foods. This is very important to prevent contamination of supplements and drugs giving further guarantee also to professional athletes who come to our range by seeking safe products. Quality and attention to detail are the steps that puts our products in a high-end market position. "
Diego Rossetto, 4+ Nutrition Owner & C.E.O..

The coach, Fabio Benvenuto added: "Taking part in two high-level competitions like "Guinness Pro12" and the "Champions Cup", means, an adequate training is essential to treat the , a machine must have the right fuel, therefore have a nutritional support allows athletes to make the most of. The "do it yourself" is not possible at this level, it was necessary a scientific contribution, which is why we chose 4+ Nutrition. Company that owns the requirements we were looking for. Now it will be important to set a healthy eating habits and integrate it with the macro food essential to the performance of the athlete. "

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