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News No Comments 8 March 2016

INTRA+ New Product Reveal

During the creation of this product we have worked a lot on what could be the right formulation, delaying several times the launch of it on the market in order to discover new opportunities.

This product comes after the launch of ANTE + which immediately had a great success. Following the same idea of offering a supplementary aspect 360 degrees we are launching now INTRA+.

News No Comments 1 March 2016

What is cellulite?

Women, in fact. Cellulite is virtually non-existent, except for in obese men.
In fact, the estrogen component is very important (adipose tissue produces estrogen, which is why it can manifest in obese men).

News No Comments 9 February 2016


This discipline, which has had incredibly success over the last few years, consists of a wide variety of characteristics and physical requirements that put a strain on the body. CrossFit provides numerous benefits, however you have to put yourself in the ideal conditions in order to achieve such positive results.