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Focaccina – traditional Italian bread


Super easy and low-fat focaccia.
Ideal for breakfast, as a snack or for lunch!
Ingredients for 12 pcs

  • 125 g greek yogurt / skyr
  • 200 g oat+ ham and cheese
  • 10 ml EVO olive oil
  • 45 ml water
  • Rosemary q.s.


  1. Weigh the ingredients together in this order and mix with the help of a fork.
  2. Mix the dough with your hands until you obtain a lump-free mixture is obtained.
  3. Grease a pan with oil and heat it.
  4. Once the pan is hot, form dough balls with your hands, flatten them between your palms in order to obtain small focaccia and place them on the pan.
  5. Cook for more or less 5 minutes per side

Recipe by Alessia Masiero

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