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H&N MATRIX is the new formulation of 4PLUSNUTRITION to protect and strengthen hair and nails in a totally natural and effective way. H&N MATRIX reflects the quality standard of 4PLUSNUTRITION, offering high titration raw materials, capable of strengthening and making weak hair and nails stronger.

H&N MATRIX consists of MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), bamboo and Papaya.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a biologically active form of sulphur, which is important for the formation of almost all active biomolecules (amino acids, enzymes, hormones, antibodies, antioxidants). It is indeed necessary for the formation of keratin and collagen, which are essential for the growth of healthy hair and nails. In fact, keratin makes hair thicker and shinier and nails stronger. Collagen fills the hair in depth, repairing its structure and revitalizing the part that is still active in the weakened area. Sulphur helps to accelerate hair growth, improving its texture, shine and softness.

In support of the MSM in H&N MATRIX, bamboo has been added, an excellent tonic for hair and nails, because it is a natural constituent of keratin, of which they are both rich, and has nourishing and balancing properties. In particular, the silicon in Bamboo adds shine and softness to your hair by restoring collagen, repairing both its internal and external structure. Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, it nourishes and protects your nails while improving flexibility and strength.

To complete the formulation of H&N MATRIX is Papaya. In addition to its strong antioxidant power, Papaya is rich in nutrients (enzymes, minerals and vitamins) capable of enhancing the volume and shine of hair that becomes stronger and softer.

This results in more volume, shine and softness for the hair and more firmness and strength for nails.


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