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HYDRO C95 is a hydrolyzed casein studied and formulated exclusively by 4+NUTRITION, in accordance to the quality requirements of casein proteins having an ultra quick absorption and high performance.

HYDRO C95 is, in fact, the fastest source of protein that can be obtained. Absorption is ultra quick and takes place directly in the muscle where it grants an equally quick recovery of muscle fibres. The result is a faster physical recovery and an important reduction of muscle soreness and fatigue.

4+NUTRITION studied and formulated HYDRO C95 by processing casein through an enzymatic hydrolysis, a method that mimics the human body's digestive process, in which enzymes break down the casein bonds to reduce them into smaller molecules, which become more easily and quickly digestible, and therefore easier to absorb. The produced molecules, peptides, do not need to be digested and can therefore be transported directly to the muscles, where they can work promoting mass growth and repairing the tissues. It is possible that these molecules, because of their small size, interact with taste receptors and give a bitter taste to the product.

Using this methodology, 4+NUTRITION managed to obtain a 95% hydrolyzed casein, with a specific score of 96.5 proteins in 100g of product and a minimum carbohydrate content equivalent to 0.55g in 100g of product.

The quality and quick action of HYDRO C95 is undeniable, and is especially useful during and after workout. During physical exercise, there is a reduction in blood flow to the digestive tract due the need of blood required by the muscles. HYDRO C95 does not require digestion, therefore it is able to feed your muscles and quickly repair muscle tissue. Similarly, after workouts, it ensures a very quick absorption of amino acids that are needed for the recovery and to increase muscle mass.


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