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Insulin sensitivity is the cell ability (sensitivity indeed) to respond to this hormone, bringing to the surface the GLUT4 receptors capable of capturing the glucose (and not just that) in the blood and taking it inside the cell where it is used. A carbohydrate excess, or simply a caloric excess protracted for too long over time, with the consequent chronic blood hyperinsulinemia, leads inevitably to cell desensitisation with regard to this hormone. So, as a response to other blood sugar loads, the pancreas will be forced to produce an extra quantity, to allow the cell to respond optimally, entering a vicious circle that can degenerate more or less quickly towards insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. But this state is a risk not only for our health but for our shape too.


What does insulin resistance lead to?

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Fatty liver
  • Dyslipidaemia
  • Testosterone reduction
  • Hypercortisolemia
  • Fat accumulation
  • Slowed metabolic rhythm
  • No increase (or even loss) of lean tissue (muscle)

Eat as a Pig, the fashion in the Seventies

Indiscriminate mass phases, protracted in a linear manner throughout winter, typical of the Seventies, make sense only if supported by a massive use (and abuse) of anabolic substances. In a subject that is not exogenously supplemented, the continuous and indiscriminate excess of calories and carbs will soon lead to a stall in the protein synthesis (fruit of the desensitisation of the myocyte, the muscle cell, to the insulin hormone) and the weight accumulated will be 90% fat.

Our alternative

We, as CorporeSano F&T System, propose alternating blast and cruise phases, where periods of linear mass lasting 4/6 weeks are alternated with mini-cut periods of 7/14 days aimed at insulin resensitisation. Apart from limiting the accumulation of excessive fat, this mechanism will prevent us from feeling “clogged” and allow our muscle cells to remain reactive to insulin, capable of managing calorie surplus appropriately and funnelling extra energy where it’s needed, to create new muscle mass.

The importance of supplementation in controlling insulin sensitivity

In my opinion, the resensitisation phase should be accompanied by a massive supplementation of ALA, CHROMIUM and TAURINE, aimed at improving tolerance to glucose. In the mass blast phase too, 20/30 minutes before a large carb meal, the massive supplementation of ALA and CHROMIUM might make a difference. Obviously, DIY in dietetics and nutraceutics is not advisable and it is always better to consult an expert.

Useful information and further studies can be found, in detail, in our first book in digital format, where you can discover both theoretical and practical information in the field of nutrition, supplementation and training for the muscle building phase. To know more, visit the page dedicated to EXTREME BULK!
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Author: Mattia Lorenzini – Personal Trainer, Certified
Author of the CorporeSano informative project – Food&Training System (



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