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News No Comments 27 July 2016

Basic or acidic?

We hear more and more often about acid-base balance in the body, especially the blood, but even more often known I notice that what you read or hear is not based on sound science. Actually sometimes it even seems like it has been taken from a science fiction book .

News No Comments 16 May 2016


Rugby is a sport that is particularly close to my heart because I have the great pleasure of being the sponsor of Benetton Treviso Rugby team.
We preferred to consider two categories: an amateur level and a competitive level, even though it’s a sport that puts a strain on both the mind and the body….

News No Comments 12 May 2016


Running is a very popular sport, also at the amateur level. Some athletes may have no particular time objectives, while others have some very ambitious goals, even if not competing at a professional level!