News No Comments 5 December 2017


Our Powders are the result of a careful research made of science, quality and attention to every detail. Discover with us how we produce them.


Among the processes used by 4plusnutrition to get the required quality for the powders used in the products, we can list the enzymatic hydrolysis for quicker assimilation (HYDRO+), ultrafiltration for maximum solubility (WHEY+) and cross-flow microfiltration for maximum purity (ISO+).

The powders used for filling the capsules or as raw material for the production of tablets or even used as such, are all treated with the techniques required to guarantee the maximum performance.

Size, shape, porosity, hygroscopicity and adhesiveness are some of the properties that are carefully examined to achieve the pourability, bulk density and specific surface area necessary for the final mixture.

For this purpose, the quality of the powders and the most advanced technologies are placed under strict control by 4plusnutrition, which also associates the research work with continuous checks on finished products.



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