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What is the pump effect? What can it do?

The so-called pump effect (full and vascularized muscle) is an aesthetic condition caused by a vasodilating effect, combined with the distribution of liquids between the inside and outside of the optimal cell. Apart from the aesthetic effect, using supplements promoting pumping, vasodilation and nitric oxide is a very good strategy of the pre-workout because, in this condition, there is optimal transport of blood and nutrients to the myocyte. Finally, good cell hydration promotes the performance and prevents accidents.

Arginine: is there really nothing better?

Even if on paper Arginine can promote cardiovascular health, be a precursor of nitric oxide and a powerful vasodilator, its oral bioavailability connected to this purpose is poor. In fact, the arginase enzyme limits its absorption at intestinal level, which would force us to use considerable doses (with regard to those normally stated) to get a perceivable and visible effect.

Citrulline, a possible solution

To come to our aid is Citrulline. In fact, Citrulline acts as an Arginine precursor, but with a considerably higher bioavailability and this enhances its use. In fact, its oral supplementation is not affected by the arginase enzyme and its intestinal absorption is optimal. Then, entering the urea cycle, it is converted into bioavailable arginine, with all the above-mentioned positive effects. The useful doses in the pre-workout are between 4g and 8g and the normally recommended and effective dose is about 6g.

Synergistic supplements

A synergistic component can help, improve and strengthen the action of the main component, in this case Citrulline. Arginine itself (even if not very bioavailable, it works as a starter) and Beta-Alanine are without doubt synergistic with Citrulline. Beta-Alanine acts as a bioavailable precursor of Carnosine, producing the same effects. It acts first as buffer, delaying the fatigue caused by acidosis, allowing us to work more in training. It also acts on Nitric Oxide synthetase, de facto helping Carnosine and increasing the vasodilating effect. The useful doses are between 4g and 6g approximately.

Liquid divider

Another (purely aesthetic) method to look vascularized is using liquid dividers. However, this practice is not a guarantee, even if sometimes used by athlete bodybuilders for contests. Another thing is that (obviously) you must have very low Body Fat to appreciate any visible effects due to this practice. The substance in question is Glycerol (often taken as glycerine). Glycerol tends to direct extracellular water to the intracellular compartment, making the muscular look leaner and more compact, as well as vascularized.
The useful dose is subjective, but superb effects are obtained between 20g and 40g. It sometimes causes unpleasant problems at intestinal level.


A pre-workout doing its job must act on various factors such as:

• Focus
• Energy
• Nitric oxide
• Miscellaneous (according to subjective requirements)

There are various preassembled pre-workouts, however, I still think that, in a cost-benefit-duration ratio, buying the individual active ingredients and assembling a homemade pre-workout is the most effective solution.
There are various molecules that can contribute to developing an effective pre-workout but here I want to propose a base example, a framework to start from that can be customized:


• Alpha GPC 300 mg
• ALCAR 1-2 g


• Anhydrous caffeine 200 g
• DiCaffeine malate 150 g
• Creatine 5 g


• Arginine 3 g
• Citrulline 6 g
• Beta-Alanine 4 g


• Piperine 5 mg

Mattia Lorenzini
Author of the project CorporeSano
Certified Personal trainer



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