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Setria® Glutatione

4+ NUTRITION’s relentless pursuit of the best partners, able to ensure the highest quality and product safety is a further guarantee of the high standard demanded by our company.

The purity of the raw materials, patents supported by clinical studies invivo and invitro, innovation and proven effectiveness, allow us to offer high quality formulations. Values that can be certified only by world leaders in the production of raw materials. Exactly with them, 4+ NUTRITION has created a strong partnership in total synergy. The long-term partnership with Kyowa has already allowed us to add to our collection a new raw material with all the quality standards of its parent company. This is Setria® Glutatione which Kyowa has dedicated an entire site to,( where you can find us as official partners. Setria® Glutatione is a tripeptide consisting of 3 amino acids: glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine. Glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant for our body. Setria ® Glutathione is a glutathione superior to others on the market because:

  • Supported by several clinical studies
  • Is a pure and safe material
  • Contains no additives, artificial flavourings and preservatives
  • Is not of animal origin
  • Is produced according to GMP standards
  • Is allergen-Free
  • Is KOSHER Certified

The one with Kyowa is just one of several collaborations, established with the major manufacturers of certified raw materials in the world. Follow us to find out which ones are and will be the partners that support our products.





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