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Tablets and Capsules 4+ are based on an accurate search for active ingredients and perfect dimensions to always offer the highest quality and efficacy.


Coated, uncoated, effervescent, enteric coated or modified-release tablets and capsules, these are the forms more often used by 4PLUSNUTRITION for its products. The search for active ingredients and excipients, as well as the accuracy with which the form and size suitable for each product are selected, are the basis of the quality that is offered to consumers. The release times of the principles of each tablet are selected with great care in order to provide the greatest possible advantages of each active principles.

The preparation of rigid and soft capsules is treated with the same care. Soft capsules consist of an animal or vegetable gelatine casing filled with the selected active principles and excipients. Rigid capsules consist of two parts, the body and the cap, which are filled with the desired powders and assembled by means of a special device called capsule machine.



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